AWMC |  Site Chapel - Carving the Light


"In order to truly be a space of solitude and contemplation, an ‘intimate space’, a chapel should not be visible to everyone. It should be hidden by a place that ask visitors to leave the mainstream road to deal with a route capable to provoke them as much as the chapel, “the hunted refuge” would do. This chapel is far removed from all human trace, sitting in a unique labyrinth of stones present in this abandoned quarry. In this intricate place, the visitor almost loses themself until coming across a series of spaces shaped by man. It is amongst the large blocks of stone that the chapel is inserted, differing from the existing quarry in its materiality while still following both the existing grid and volumes. Four large carved blocks converge shaping light to make the entrance of the chapel. 

After crossing this first space, visitors reach the chapel itself which consists of a large volume of concrete resting upon the existing rocks of the quarry. From the outside, the chapel seems to be a singular heavy volume. However once inside, it is considerably brighter as a result of the large barrel vault that creates both a shelter and an open view towards the sea. This chapel invites the visitor to enter, sit down and contemplate the horizon to have their own intimate and unique experience while get finally pervated by light"