NOARQ  |  PPA House


"The house is located in an urban context on the outskirts of Porto by the corner of two streets that delimit its perimeter.
The fence walls sinuously follow the trend of the road structure, coming into stark contrast to the orthogonal morphology of the house.
The design intent is pursued by working by subtraction. A solid of a geometric nature is emptied in several places in order to create a layered articulation aimed at delimiting rooms with different levels of intimacy.
This creates an internal patio that wants to distance itself from the surrounding urban context. An isolated refuge that acts as a backdrop to the sleeping area of ​​the house, connecting to the garden that surrounds it.
On the opposite side, in the living area, a large window overlooks the street side communicating with the outside. In front of it the garden widens, ensuring the right distances from the surrounding context.
On the outside, the materiality is simple and homogeneous, as if to underline the idea behind the house' morphology. Inside, the alternation between three different materials marks the spaces while characterizing them. The wood of the floors and fixed furnishings while warming up the enviroment comes in contrast to the gray of the concrete aimed at drowsing the strong light that reflects on the white external walls, while the white of the plaster remains in the ceilings further controlling the external light, creating a meeting bridge with the external surfaces."

José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira