TOPOTEK1  |  Thun Sporthalle

BIEL, SWITZERLAND; Competition - winning proposal

"The project is based on the idea of a three-story building, which defines the north-eastern end of the new school campus, and forms together with the existing two buildings of architect Max Schlup an urban ensemble. In-between the buildings a generous square for sport and play facilities opens up. All new communal functions and classrooms will be united in one building to create synergies between the individual clusters and improve proximity.

Three double-story terraces on the first floor organize both the volume and the floor plan, offering the kindergarten an unmistakable outside space to play undisturbed with a view over the Jura. The surrounding break-out balconies make it possible to furnish the spacious cluster halls and connect the two-story loggias each assigned to a cluster, offering a unique outdoor space to play and learn in an intimate and protected atmosphere. 

he form and expression of the building is a result of the internal program, promoting spatial synergies”. With wood being the primary structural material, “solid wooden columns, primary and secondary beams form a characteristic system of beams, which are not clad and thus become the new identity of the interiors.”