"In a problematic context such of developing countries in the African continent, where the literacy rate is very low and only 50% of school-age children have access to education, it is increasingly necessary to emphasize the importance of school system, not only as a necessary place for education, but also as an environment for growth and sharing.

Here the intention of the project to establish itself as a place of aggregation through a set of environments capable of hosting not only school activities.

The idea is to create, in addition to 7 spacious and versatile classrooms, a large central square, a system of vegetable gardens (both for students and citizens), a chicken coop and a multifunctional volume suitable for both hosting stable functions such as canteen and offices and also for any other type of activity, such extracurricular gaming sessions or city assemblies.

From an architectural point of view, the project is modulated by a 2m x 2m grid which, through a system of wooden pillars and beams, marks the spaces and turns them flexible.
Wood, adobes and compacted earth are the three main materials that form the basis of the project, after them a series of waterproof curtains and metal sheets roofs ensure shelter in both rainy and hot periods while, a system of openable shutters, guarantees a dynamic space and ensures ample permeability in the multifunctional volume by connecting the Sambou Toura Drame School to the entire community of Marsassoum."

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