NOARQ  |  Chaves


"The project is largely influenced by the particularities of the place, a terrain swampy at the edge of a waterline.

The house is single storey, located in the center of the plot, relatively far from the front of street. The volume is based on a plinth that emerges from a lake created from the retention of water lines that cross the land. The cruciform podium dissipates in the topography on the north side where permits the access to the house and, n the southwest side, it reflects in the water . The construction is a square-based cobblestone. Each face of the solid is cut out by a single opening. Each opening corresponds to a function of the house (rest, service and social). Each function points to a distinct cardinal point (north, south and west). The result is a massive solid that emerges from the earth, cut out by water and sculpted by light where it is strictly essential."

José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira